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Set / Seth, Egyptian Deity - Statue

God of the Desert, Storms, and Chaos
Also Known as Seht, Seteh, Sutekh Cold Cast Bronze Figurine
Hand Painted Details
Dimensions: 9" H x 2 ½" W x 3 ½" D

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Set / Seth, Egyptian Deity - Statue - $38.99

Set is god of the desert, storms, and chaos in Ancient Egyptian mythology. He was viewed as an immensely powerful deity. Set carried the epithet 'His Majesty', shared only with Ra. Another common epithet was 'of great strength', and it was recorded in one of the Pyramid Texts that the king's strength is that of Set. As chief god, Set was patron of Upper Egypt, most notably worshipped at Ombos. The alternate forms of his name 'Setesh' and 'Sutekh' designate his supremacy (the 'sh' and 'kh' signifying majesty).

Set was mostly depicted as a mysterious and unknown creature, referred to as the Set animal or Typhonic beast by Egyptologists. He had a curved snout, square ears, forked tail, and either a canine body or a human body with the head of the Set animal. It doesn't have complete resemblance to a single creature, although it resembles a composite of an aardvark, donkey, and jackal (all desert dwelling creatures). In some descriptions Set has the head of a greyhound. The earlies known depiction of Set comes from a tomb dating to the Naqada I phase of the Predynastic Period (4000-3500 BC). The Set animal is even found on a mace head of the Scorpion King, a Protodynastic ruler.

Cold Cast is a modern method of casting sculptures using a mixture of resin and powdered polymer materials. The finished sculpture has a surface which looks very similar to traditionally cast material, but tends to be much lighter.

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