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Khnum, Egyptian Deity - Statue

Ram-Headed God
Egyptian Deity of Creation
Cold Cast Bronze Figurine
Hand Painted Details
Dimensions: 8 ½" H x 3 ½" W x 3 ½" D

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Khnum, Egyptian Deity - Statue - $48.99

Khnum (also known as Chnum, Knum, or Khnemu), originally the god of the Nile River's source, was one of the earliest Egyptian deities. Since the Nile River's annual flooding brought silt and clay, and its water brought life to the surrounding environment, it was believed that Khnum was the creator of human children, which he made from clay at a potter's wheel and placed into their mothers' wombs. Later he was described as having molded ther other deities, and was given the titles 'Divine Potter' and 'Lord of Created Things from Himself'.

Khnum was regarded as the husband of Satis and father of Anuket (who was the personification of the Nile River). In other locations, as the moulder and creator of the human body, he was sometimes regarded as the consort of Heket, or of Meskhenet, who was believed to be responsible for breathing life into children ad the moment of birth, as the Ka. Alternatively in places such as Esna, due to his aspect as creator of human bodies, he was viewed as the father of Heka (the personification of Magic), and consequently as the husband of Menhit.

Cold Cast is a modern method of casting sculptures using a mixture of resin and powdered polymer materials. The finished sculpture has a surface which looks very similar to traditionally cast material, but tends to be much lighter.

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