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100 Piece Tool Kit - Bits for any Dremel Rotary Tools

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100 Piece Tool Kit - Bits for any Dremel Rotary Tools - $14.99

One of the most versatile tools any homeowner or business can own, providing 100 bits and accessories. Bits are compatable with any Dremel Rotary Tool.

Engraving cutters are quality cutters for detail engraving, carving and routing.
High-speed Cutters for shaping, hollowing, grooving, slotting and making tapered holes.
Diamond Cutters for fine detail work, cutting, engraving, carving, touch-up and finishing. Bits are covered with diamond particles.
Tungsten Cutters are used for shaping, smoothing and material removal.
Structured Tooth Tungsten cutters are fast-cutting, sharp teeth for greater material removal.
Aluminum Oxide & Silicon Carbide Grinding Stones are ideal for sharpening, deburring and general purpose grinding of most materials.
Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Wheel is perfect for cleaning, deburring, removing rust and polishing most metals, including stainless steel.
Aluminum Oxide Grinding Wheel for deburring, rust removal and general purpose grinding.
Chain Saw Sharpening Stones - precision ground for quick, easy sharpening of chain saw blades.
Abrasive points are great for finishing work and light deburring. They can be used for paint and rust removal without removing any of the base metal.
Bristle Brushes for light deburring, cleaning and polishing. Can be used with polishing compound.
Carbon Steel Brushes can be used for removing rust and corrosion, polishing metal surfaces, deburring and blending surface junctures and cleaning electrical components.
Stainless Steel Brushes do not cause "after-rust" when used on corrosive-resistant materials like pewter, aluminum and stainless steel.
Brass Brushes - non-sparking and softer than steel; won't scratch soft metals (gold, copper).
Rubber Polishing Points for finishing and polishing all ferrous metals. Removes small burrs and scratch marks left by grinding and sanding, and cleans and defines grooves. Also effective on many stones and ceramics.
Polishing Accessory Bits are ideal for polishing metals and plastics. Using a polishing compound with these will produce a high luster.
Sanding Bands and Discs For rough shaping and smoothing wood and fiberglass, removing rust from metal surfaces, and shaping rubber surfaces. Sanding bands are easily replaceable on drums.
Flapwheels grind and polish flat or contoured surfaces. They are used most effectively as a finishing sander after heavier surface sanding and material removal is completed.
Collets - a slim, aluminum tube for holding a bit Provides the optimal grip for bits.
Mandrels - used to hold sanding discs and polishing, grinding and cut-off wheels.
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