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12 Assorted Salmon Flies

Complete 12 Piece Set with Carrying Case
Great for Freshwater Salmon & Walleye Fishing

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12 Assorted Salmon Flies - $42.99

Catch salmon and walleye in fresh water with this assortment of 12 salmon flies. They come in a durable fly box with ripple and flat foam (as pictured).

The classic Atlantic salmon fly was originally made with various colored feathers from exotic birds to make the wings. The design of modern salmon flies has evolved with simpler hairwing design and reduced patterns that have proven very successful in catching fish.

Flies Included:
Black Doctor
Blue Charm
Durham Ranger
EM Terror
General Practicioner
Green Highlander
Hairy Mary
Jock Scott
Silver Grey
Silver Wilkinson
Thunder & Lightning

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