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50 Assorted Dry Flies

Complete 50 Piece Set with Carrying Case
Great for Freshwater Trout Fishing

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50 Assorted Dry Flies - $50.99

This assortment of 50 dry flies is perfect for trout fishing in a freshwater stream. They come in a durable fly box with ripple and flat foam (as pictured).

Dry flies are buoyant, designed to imitate insects moving around on the surface of the water. Typically used in fresh water, they represent the adult form of different aquatic or terrestrial insects. A fish will swim to the surface and strike a dry fly when it recognizes the movement pattern of a floating insect.

Flies Included:
Black Ant
Black Gnat
Blue Dun (wet fly)
Blue Quill
Blue Winged Olive
Dark Cahill
Dark Olive
Dave's Hopper
Deep Purple
Elk Hair Caddis
Ginger Quill
Goodard Caddis Natural
Goodard Sedge Amber
Goodard Sedge Natural
Gray Wulff
Greenwells Glory
Griffiths Gnat
Grizzly Wulff
Humpy's Yellow
Joe's Hopper
Light Cahill Madam X
March Brown
Olive Dun
Olive Quill
Pale Evening Dun
Pale Watery Spinner
Red Ant
Red Quill
Red Spinner
Royal Coachman
Sherry Spinner
Stimulator Yellow
White Moth
White Spinner
Wickham's Fancy
Wulff's Black
Wulff's Blonde
Wulff's Green Drake
Wulff's Grey
Wulff's Red
Wulff's Royal
Wulff's White
Yellow Sally
Zebra Quill

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