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Marado F1210 Left-Handed Fly Reel

ALC: Alumilite Diecast Aluminum Frame Design
Roller Bearing Engages Drag System in One Direction
Precision Machined Stainless Steel Spool Shaft

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Marado F1210 Left-Handed Fly Reel - $129.99

The Marado Generation F 1210 is a superb left-handed fishing reel for both the beginner fly fisherman and the experienced angler. It features heavy-duty machined aluminum construction (with stainless steel main shaft), a 10-12 WT precision barstock, ported one-piece rim control spool, counterbalanced impregnated wood handle knob, clutch bearing and reverse, and large center disk drag. It's the ideal fly fishing reel for any left-handed angler - just add water!

Premium Quality Left-Handed Fly Fishing Reel
Machined Aluminum Construction
10-12 WT Precision Barstock
Ported One-Piece Rim Control Spool
Anti-Reverse Disk Drag
Counterbalanced Impregnated Wood Handle Knob
Stainless Steel Main Shaft
Weight: 3.5 oz.

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