Pro Barber Equipment

Professional Barber Thinning Scissors

Stainless Steel Hair Stylist Shears
28 Teeth, Swivel Thinning Shears
Sale - Brand New

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Professional Barber Thinning Scissors - $54.99

For hair cuts, they are the cutting edge! Take these thinning scissors in your hands and you will immediately feel the difference - a precision instrument designed for a specific task. These are professional scissors, ideal for detail work. Now you don't have to choose between super sharp soft-cutting blades and edge durability.

28 Teeth, Swivel Thinning Shears
Compact Design
Elegant and Smooth Cutting
Extremely Slender Blades
Anatomically Correct Handles
High Quality Stainless Steel
Hand-Honed Adjustable Blades
Offset Handle with Removable Finger Rest
Ergonomically Designed for Ease of Operation, Minimizing Tendonitis
Superior Design and Function at an Incredible Value

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